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The Diet Problem


There always seems to be a battle between vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters. Each one thinks their way is the right way, and tries to impose their ways on others, because they’re trying to save the animals, or it’s what’s defined as normal, or whats healthier and so on. Yet we see healthy meat eaters, healthy vegans and healthy vegetarians, so we keep going round and round the cognitive dissonance circle, never really addressing the real problems. Vegetarians and vegans, often turn to their diet not only because of health issues, but because, of a moral obligation. They see what really happens to the animals at these factory farms, and it insults their soul, they feel compassion for them… It’s not a thought, it’s a feeling. They feel it so strongly that the idea of eating meat repulses them. Meat eaters that see the same things, and feel nothing, are in a state of apathy, many use the excuse ” the animals don’t know any better, because they’ve never been free,” which to them, justifies this treatment to the animals. Others believe that human beings are the superior race on this planet and are entitled to killing whatever animals we choose. Some just like the texture of meat, and don’t wish to give it up because they have been conditioned by generations upon generations, that eating meat, is the best way to live, automatically judging the idea of going vegetarian or vegan, without ever trying it. And lastly, there is the argument that we get our protein from meat, and other certain vitamins and minerals that are essential to our diets. So lets take a good look at this world, and what our diets are all about.

Did you know, that in the amazon, there grows around 3000 different fruits and vegetables that are edible? We use approximately 150 of these in our grocery stores. That means there is 2850 more unexplored potentially health boosting fruits and veggies that exist, that we’ve never heard about, they aren’t studied, they aren’t researched, they aren’t sold. Instead, we cut the amazon down. Do you know what the amazon and other rain forests are being cut down for? Cattle fields. That’s right, for every pound of beef, approximately 250 square feet of rain forest is destroyed. Are you aware that the amazon rain forest supplies the world with 25% of its oxygen? But hey, they don’t label steak packages like they do cigarette packages, so people carry on thinking everything is just fine and dandy.

Did you know that 1/3 of the entire landmass of the planet goes to raising food for animals we eat? 1/3 of the planets landmass! That’s huge, just so we can continue torturing and pumping animals full of growth hormones, living in cages that never see the light of day their entire lives. Imagine how much food we would have, if we used 1/3 of the worlds landmass for growing food for human beings… There would never be a starving person on this planet again, food would be free, we would have abundance. Instead, we create the illusion of scarcity, and have people like monsanto playing god, to genetically modify our food, to completely screw up our health. It’s all insanity, it’s like the island of Dr. Monreau, and we allow it, infact, we welcome it. Because it’s all linked to the mass production and distribution of meat. It’s a multi billion dollar a year industry, which also feeds other multi billion dollar a year industries, such as, the health care….. sorry, the sick care industry. It’s all connected if you know how to connect the dots.

So lets talk about meat for a second… Is it really the taste of meat we enjoy? Have you ever tried cooking meat without any spices? Without any sauces or marninades? Just a slab of meat, and nothing else… It’s almost tasteless, doesn’t matter what it is, chicken, beef, fish, pork… So it’s really just the texture that we enjoy, the rest of it, is the taste of plants, herbs, veggies, spices, they’re all plants, and they taste amazing, so whenever you have a craving for a steak, you’re really craving the plants, and the texture of the meat to go with the plants.

Another point I’d like to make, is why do we cook meat? Do you see any other animals on the planet that cooks another animal before consuming it? No, they just dig right in, blood and all, no worries, no fuss, no preparation. Imagine a human doing that, we don’t have the teeth for it, we couldn’t do it, even if we wanted to, not to mention it would probably make us sick. Our immune systems are not meant to handle raw meat, which is why we originally decided to cook food to begin with. There are far too many bacteria in raw meat for the human body to handle. The exception, being salt water fish, because the salt acts as a anti-bacterial agent. So overall, the human digestive system, and immune system were not designed for raw meat. Just because we have brains that are capable of building tools, doesn’t mean we are separate from the natural world.

Then we have pets. At what point do we draw the line between pet and food? Pigs are just as, if not smarter than dogs are, and they make excellent companions. We can make friends with horses, cows, cats, and chickens. They all have their own unique personality, and if we take the time to get to know them, we can learn much from them, just like we learn from our cats and dogs, and have fun spending time with them. We grow up with fairy tales, the fox and hound, Charlottes web, peter rabbit, babe, bambi, among so so many others…. Then we eat those fairy tale characters for dinner, after being happy they survived! So at what point, do we draw the line between friend, and food?

The moral issue is a big one. It’s not necessarily wrong to eat meat, however, if it’s not necessary, then meat doesn’t need to be consumed. Right now, the majority of animals on the dinner table, chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows, and whatever else… Are subjected to lives of abuse, cruelty, mal-treatment of medical, pumped full of growth hormones to stimulate their growth, and kept indoors, in cages, or in masses, never with any time to roam around, some may never even see a field, some may never even see the sun. They are castrated, often without anti-biotics, they are not shown any love at all, they’re regarded as living meat. As a dollar sign. They are not seeing as living breathing thinking feeling beings. Just google factory farms and you’ll see what it’s all about.

Not only do we factory farm meat, but we then process it into stuff that barely recognizable as meat and it’s sold as fast food. Many fast food chains, have ingredients in their meat that should never be there, some don’t even know what type of meat it actually is, and people keep buying it because its cheap, and the system has us so conditioned by money, that we’ll take pretty much whatever we can get. There’s also all the animal products out there, things such as dairy. Dairy is in almost everything. Dairy industries have a limit on how many pus cells are allowed in any given dairy product. This is because, milk, contains blood and pus from the cow. Not to mention that milk is not drunk by any other species beyond infancy, so adult humans, haven’t been weaned off it, which is pretty strange. Humans are also the only species to drink milk from another species. Oh and by the way, dairy is another multi-billion dollar a year industry.

Here’s an honest question, if you had to go out and kill an animals, skin it, and cook it, every single time you were hungry, would you do it? How many people would not be able to go out into the pasture and shoot that cow in the face? The meat industry has been able to remove itself so far away from the distribution of meat, that humans see meat nicely stacked in grocery stores, and never question the process of where the meat came from. It looks good all wrapped up, so that’s good enough to go home stick it in the oven and eat in complete ignorance of the process from farm to plate. If you couldn’t go out and kill your own animals for dinner, then you have no business eating meat to begin with. If the idea of going out and doing it yourself repulses you, then perhaps you might want to question why you even eat meat to begin with? Then realize that society has condition you from birth to believe that this is normal. Meanwhile, the amazon gets cut down, the land of the earth gets used up feeding more animals, and the damage done, is catastrophic to the environment and to our health. I’m not even going to touch on the ocean, and Fukishima at this point, and how fish are dying of radiation poisoning, and also poisoning us.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the animal kingdom, and how it’s not immoral to consume meat. It’s the intention behind it that determines whether its moral or immoral. If we are eating it for the sake of eating it without really needing it, then it’s wrong, but if we have no choice, then like anything in nature, it’s okay to kill an animal in the name of survival. Animals would kill human beings to do the same thing, that is the way nature works. But you don’t see a lion going around slaughtering all the deer it comes across. Animals kill only for survival and defense. They never take more than they need. If humans understood this concept, nature would still be flourishing, the oceans would not be overfished, and we would have enough food to supply many more billions of human beings than we currently have.  Abundance is not the problem, scarcity is, it’s a fabricated problem, only because of profit.

Plants, they contain every single nutrient, mineral, and vitamin that a human being needs to survive. Protein isn’t a problem, iron isn’t a problem, and yes, even vitamin B12 can be obtained from plant sources. If you go vegetarian or vegan and eat poorly, then yes, you’ll run into trouble. If you’re going to do it, do it right, do research, get informed, the information is out there, and it’s really not all that hard to adapt. There are some delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes out there. If you must eat meat, then at the very least, get meat from organic farms, that allow the animals full, happy, and healthy lives. Or go hunting and get your own. Stop supporting the immoral treatment of animals, stop supporting the multi-billion dollar a year industries that do not care about this planet. Profit is an illusion. While we are working our 12 dollar an hour jobs, worrying about our 50 dollar cell phone bills, and 600 dollar rent… the government is writing itself a 328 billion dollar check to pay its bills… money it never earned, money that gets printed from nothing, and then, they ask you to pay your taxes…. While they wait to raise the debt ceiling to borrow more money. Our problems only exist because we believe this system is the only way to live. We can be materially wealthy, without ever having been poor. But we cannot be spiritually wealthy, without first having known suffering. And so we have the birth of ignorance. Humanity is in a state of suffering, and so the time has come to let go of the suffering, for all life, by moving from egoic consciousness, to heart consciousness, and realizing the spiritual wealth within us.

- Mark Harrison

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Our Connection To Nature


Humans are capable of a much deeper connection with nature, than they realize.  Our society has us so far removed from nature, that we forget, that we are a part of it.  We lose our intuitive connection to it, and see nature as something external from us. We think we’re visitors when we go to the forest, or the ocean, or the fields.  Like nature was put here for our entertainment, and that we rule it.  We’ve forgotten completely that we depend on nature for our own survival, and that nature is within us.  So this has lead us into a state of consciousness, that takes what it can get from nature, leaving no room for respect for it.  So disharmony is the result, wars, famine, pollution, poverty, and so on.  If we feel no connection to nature, how can we expect to be in harmony with it? 

Just take a look at our daily lives.  Our skin rarely touches nature, even going barefoot is rare.  Our clothes drown out our natural senses, our houses drown out our natural light, the chemicals in our food drown out our nutrition and well being.  Our unhealthy, 9-5 jobs that keep us in a routine cycle of thought, prevent us from enjoying and exploring what the day holds.  It doesn’t matter if its sunny, you’re in the office, rainy, office…..Nature goes completely ignored by the demands of our daily lives.  Then we get the odd day off and we have a blast, and for a brief fleeting moment, we feel that connection to nature and wish it could always be like this. But then society comes along with its cell phones, and computers, and televisions, and video games, gizmo’s, gadgets and toys.  And we end up staring at a screen for the next three hours.  Or intermittently whenever our attention doesn’t have to be elsewhere.  If that isn’t enough, society has many of us, drinking, smoking and drugging.  For enjoyment?  Or out of boredom? An escape?

Society has us believing, that we have to be in some sort of altered state of consciousness, from these substances, to have a good time.  Many can’t even have a good time without these things.  They’ve forgotten completely, how high nature can get them.  Remember the times when you were a child, and you could run around the park all day, laughing your ass off at nothing, just out of sheer enjoyment?  That was natural.  That was your natural vibration.  Today, when we want exercise, we go to the gym, indoors, to ride a stationary bike, or lift a few weights while staring at the walls, maybe even out the window at the sunshine.  We believe that exercise is about the body, and thats another lie.  When people exercise, often their depression goes away for a little while, what does that have to do with the body? Absolutely nothing.  The exercise is simply your permission slip to feel better about yourself.  Like it’s an accomplishment.   The real reason you aren’t depressed, is because you’ve moved energy, you had to release the old stagnant energy, so fresh energy can flow to you, your state of being has changed, even if only temporarily. 

Exercise, if its being done only to enhance the body, then all you can get is egoic gratification, because, it’s really you telling yourself, you weren’t good enough before.  Which will always be there, should you fall back a little bit, so it’s a happiness that has a condition, it can be taken away from you, if you fail to do your daily pushups. Exercise, with the intention to change your state of being, and that will change your entire perspective into happiness, that can’t be taken away, as it has no conditions.  Yoga focus’s on this, and those who do yoga, know exactly what I’m talking about.  Exercise the spirit, and the body will follow. 

To change our socially conditioned lives, we must go outside to exercise, and not in just conventional ways, but as we did when we were kids.  It’s not wrong to be 50 years old, playing ball at a park, or tag, or dodgeball, or hide and seek, or other creative games.  Swimming in lakes, skiing, ice skating, and so on… Sitting in a gym staring at the walls, is no comparison to the joy and adventure to the spirit, of just being outside, and having fun to exercise.  It doesn’t take long, to re-develop our connection to nature, our intuition, our creativity, our minds will expand the more connected we are.  The beautiful part about it, is that it’s all fun, make it fun, once you start, even if you don’t feel the energy at first, it doesn’t take long to come to you. Share this energy with others, and you’ll have an adrenaline pumping, full body exercise routine, and you don’t even know it til the next morning. Then you’ll really feel your connection nature, and how rusty it really was!  It’s time that humanity remembers it connection to nature, because through that, we will also remember our connection to divinity, and work to end the suffering we all have. Nature will bring us into love, because we are love already.

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