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The Invisible Prison


I don’t like writing about this much, because there is a great amount of negativity involved, but I feel that it is necessary to shine a light on the negativity in order to turn it around into positivity.  I have written in the past about how people need to wake up and stop destroying this planet.  I have given clear example of what is wrong with the system, and what we can do to change it, however I think the problem is not knowing in the solution, but admitting there is even a problem to begin with.  I don’t think there is a single adult out there, that can say nothing is wrong with the big picture.  Can anyone tell me that everything on this planet is just fine?  Or does everyone reading this, agree, that the big picture is seriously flawed?

So if you do agree, that something is wrong with the big picture, then what are you doing about it?  Do you still get up every day, drink your morning coffee, go to a job you don’t like, so you can survive another day to pay your bills? So you can provide for your family? Do you go to work every day because you dream that one day you will be rich and successful?  Have you ever considered that the world might not be like this in 30 years?  Are you in university, or just starting a career, and worrying about your retirement?  Are you really that stuck into the illusion that you believe the future for yourself is already written?  Even though you clearly see something wrong with the big picture, even if you don’t know what it is?  Can anyone honestly tell me, that they can see a happy future on this planet in 50 years from now, without some great change?  Are we really just going to plod along the way we are, and just happily live our lives and watch our grandchildren grow up?  How many of you college students actually believe any of this?  How can anyone, with the economy the way it is, globally, still believe that the monetary system has a bright and happy future?  Is the illusion that powerful that you can’t see through it by now?

We are being fed chemically enhanced, genetically modified, synthetically man made food.  We eat mcdonalds and then drink energy drinks because the mcdonalds took our energy away.  Would you give your cat or dog an energy drink?  How can smoking and alcohol, that kills millions of people a year, be legal?  Do you ever question why these things are legal?  If you don’t, why not? Because everyone is doing it, its the cool thing to do?  What ever happened to individuality?  Can you not see that just about the whole of society lives in the same way? Is the conditioning not blatantly obvious?  What will it take for the masses to say, hold on a second, I’ve been missing life.  I’ve been staring at this screen my entire life, I forgot I was supposed to go outside. Our children don’t even know how to play outside anymore.  Society is becoming more and more conditioned to the point where we live completely unnatural lives.  Completely detached from nature.  We have become dependant on technology, and the comfort of being able to go to the store and buy anything we need.  There’s a walmart in every major city, and in many small towns, we live in an instant gratification society.  We have completely forgotten how to live.  Have any of you given any thought as to what will happen when the economy crashes?  When the USA federal reserve suddenly goes out of business, and we find that the American dollar has become worthless. What then?  Oh, you don’t believe that will happen…. except it is happening.  The debt is up to their eyeballs, and they are living in denial of it.  It’s only a matter of time before the house of cards comes crashing down.  How long? Weeks, months…. dare I say years?  I would say months is being optimistic. 

Humanity, and I speak to each and every single one of you, regardless of your race or religion, or gender.  It’s time to realize that you have been living in a prison.  The earth has been raped, and you have all been conned.  The bars to this prison are invisible, because they exist within the confines of your own mind.  It is only there, that you will see the bars, and you will also see the door to this prison, is wide open and waiting for you to leave it.  All of the social conditiong of the world has been put in place to keep you from seeing that door, its one giant game of mind control.  We have within us, the powerful ability to heal, and love, and rise above negativity.  There need not be wars or suffering, hunger or poverty.  There need not be genetically modified foods and fluoridated water.  There need not be useless politicians and laws, capitalism or slavery.  There need not be an illusion to prevent you from learning the truth.  The truth that you are free to do anything, because you are a being of unlimited consciousness, you are divine.  You fail to see it because you have not looked.  You have not tried.  You have fallen for a very persistent illusion, that seems real, but it is not.  If you have any doubts about the world you are living in, listen to that doubt, because that doubt will lead you to the truth.

The illusion is self sustaining.  It has humanity believing it to be so real, that they actively participate in it and fight for its survival.  The resistance to change.  Every single time you tell yours kids to get a job, to go to university, to get a career, to become a doctor or a lawyer or to become rich by any means necessary.   You are conditioning your own children to become a slave of the system.  While you, and your children are becoming rich, making lots of money, there are millions of people in other parts of the world starving and dying.  What makes you so entitled to believe that you deserve more than those people?  Because you worked hard, you went to school and you worked many hours to earn the money you have?  Do you honestly believe that the people starving and dying were given the opportunities you were?  They weren’t. As long as we keep living lives for our own selfish reason, trying to get as much as we possible can without realizing there is more than enough to go around for everyone, then the illusion will remain, and the humanity will stay in prison.  Life is not about becoming a millionaire and believing you’re better than everyone else because of it.  Money is just paper that we put a value on, and tell ourselves its real.  It’s like a video game, collect dollars to level up…. But at the end of the day, you’ll realize it was just a game, and when the system collapses, you will realize that you have been living an illusion.  You’ll find out that you have no idea how to live.

When this happens, it will be a free for all, people will scramble for all the resources that are left.  Kill each other over them, because we still believe that more is better.  There will be people that retreat to bunkers with 10 years of food to sustain them, while people above them fight and die over what little food remains.  It’s crazy.  But that is what the conditioning of the system has caused us to become.  The whole world is crazy, but it does not have to be like this.  It is not too late.  We all have the ability to see through the illusion and free ourselves from this invisible prison.  We just have to challenge our beliefs.  We have to question everything we once thought to be true.  Instead of living lives for our own selfish reasons, we can unite, and help each other.  We can find ways of perma-culture, and abundance.  We can learn how to live off the land, and we can do it together.  Instead of growing lawns, we can grow food. We can help each other solve problems.  If enough people start to do this, the monetary system can collapse and people won’t even blink an eye.  We have the intelligence, we have courage, bravery, kindness, caring, compassion, and love to help us.  We have spirituality, the teacher within us, to guide us, to help us.  We are not alone.  We must raise our frequencies, break free from fear.  Love is all there is, fear is an illusion.  In the words of a great spiritual master, ” change is never painful, but resistance to change is.”

Humanity, I love you.

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TERMINOLOGY- Distraction and Cause of Division.

Imagine three men, from three different nations, whom speak three different languages… In each land, people worship the sun, as the creator, provider and ruler of the world.

In the first nation the sun is known as ISHKA!..and the people have a story as to how ishka came to be … . In the second nation the sun is known as TURUK, and much like the first nation, the people have a story for turuk as well, which is different than ishka’s …. on the third nation the sun is known as LATIF and the story is different as well……

Each day those three men look at the same sky, and stare at the same sun for a bit!… They bow in grace and appreciation for the sun and all that it provides!!! Each of these men, loves, fears and respects the sun!!….

One day these three men cross paths as they travel through unknown lands… and suddenly, they each start sharing their beliefs!… The man from nation number #1 says the sun is named ISHKA, nation #2 claims it to be TURUK! and nation #3 yells LATIF at the top of his lungs!!!!!….. the three fight for hours!!! and go back to their nations, telling stories of their disagreements, which spread like wildfire….After a few years, these nations are at war with each other!!!… children are prohibited to speak to anyone outside of their nation.. and to simply “whisper” another nations name for the sun is considered a betrayal!!…

Day after day these nations fight, and kill, and protest!…. so much so that they begin to forget about the appreciation they had for the sun.

When the truth of the matter is, regardless of the name given by each nation and the story each nation believes…. the truth remains that each nation is staring at the same sun!!!!

Now lets translate that metaphoric story into modern terms…. Allah, Jehovah, Universe, Buddha, etc…… each describes a higher force!!… An entity bigger and stronger than ourselves!! Responsible for our existence!, a force that created and maintains a plane for us to exist!!….

Now we sit here and argue for hours over which story is right, and which name is the correct one!!!!… when the truth of the matter is, we are ALL describing the exact same thing!!!…. a HIGHER FORCE!!!!….

Do not focus on other peoples connection so much that you forget your own!!!…. names and words are small anyways….. the FEELING inside us all is what matters…. the names given are just TERMINOLOGY!… Spiritually is whats inside…

-My Soul Brother

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Nearly all of the scientific advancements came from mystics. Da Vinci, Newton, Socrates,Aristotle, even Tesla and Einstein were mystics. So many of the major names from history were mystics. So it seems that mystics are the driving force behind our scientific advancement. Because science only knows what it can observe. Science doesn’t discover anything new, it only discovers that which was already there. Mystics experience that which has not yet been observed. Science then follows behind that, until it finally observes it due to technological advancement. Mysticism is like an advanced screening of where our own evolution is going.