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Does some one know her name? I really want to know.

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. She is the wife of Vishnu.

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You have kik?

Ok so I decided to reinstall my kik, my username is ohmywildflower

Puerto Rico but we live in Florida and i know tell me about it. i had cool visuals like when i close my eyes i saw tunnels of light pink and green it was beautiful. i might try again in a few month but i have to save some money first... or look for other connects but im young i know it will come to me at the right moment :D

So how did you come across it? Why did you try it in the first place?

Im sorry that i had to do it like this on separate messages. Do you have a kik or something we can chat on and talk about it more?

Let me install my kik back on, I had taken he app off my phone

He touched my nose to check if i was breathing and when he touched me i felt like his tact wasnt human like if he was a god cbecause o got chills and his hand was freezing cold. Thats how i felt it. I saw alot of things but those were the most that impacted me

Woah, that was an intense experience, you were pretty far out, my friends have seen a lot of Hindu gods an their children before, they’ve even seen Buddha on many occasions, my experiences were more geometric patterns, fractal patterns, creation patterns, seeing sound, energy, I did come across these strange glowing pyramid like things, they were clawing through my walls, they were furry neon finger like things and where their nails were they had eyes, and when I came up to one because I felt it’s energy pulling me towards it, I touched it and I felt this surge of energy shoot through my body, and this feeling of extreme happiness over came me, it felt sooooo nice.

You know spanish is hard for me to explain my experience and stuff cause English is not my first language. But yeah i will never take for granted or see it as fun ... The last time i did it a was close to a like and more than half of my dmt flew away because wind i want it to cry ... So i let my friend "alexiouth" do the rest in my room .. He brokethru with no problem i kept telling him i lf ou remember exhaling the dmt ur doing it wrong

Spanish is my first language, pero creo que hablo el ingles mejor, de donde son? Tu y tu amigo? Yeah bad idea with the windy weather, that sucks :/

You are so lucky hehe i tried dmt 4 times already never broken thru but ive had amazing experiences ...

How much research did you do on it before you even considered trying it? It also matters whether you need questions answered, you can’t go in being playful with it or you might be checked by entities, or not  cross over to higher planes of existence. I researched it for about 5 years, and I was rather depressed, I wanted to know if this was it, if we were more than this, and my questions were answered, and life didn’t seem so bad anymore. Life is a beautiful thing and this 3rd dimensional world is only a step, there is much more to see and experience, we can’t ever die, our souls are eternal.

That is an awesome experience you had i also had mine recently. Did you get to break through?

That last experience was after doing it for the 7th time, I was beginning to get extremely frustrated before it happened. I know I didn’t have a complete break through because I didn’t meet my higher self or “it” the creator as my friends call the one… but even though I finally did feel completely at peace and did learn a lot… now I am just thinking what am I going to do with all this dmt I have left lol. How was your experience?

Had to post this one, I think we look soooo good in this picture

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We ended up in Austin, TX at the Reggae Festival 

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Camping with my friends at Jim Hogg Park in Georgetown, TX

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So the water was freezing but I still went in there…

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