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Heaven and Hell, are states of being. there are people on this planet living in hell right now. They are suffering, they are miserable, and they make other people miserable because of it. We all know at least one person like this. Where they can’t find joy or peace in anything. Their life, is a living hell. Heaven, also a state of being, has people living in it too. They are full of love and compassion, they follow their joys and excitements, and they see life as a miracle. They have gratitude for everything. They spread this joy to everyone they meet. They understand that suffering is all in the thoughts, and so they no longer identify with that suffering. Even if they are in pain, or are in a situation that appears to be suffering, they still manage to go through that situation, with a positive outlook, and a willingness to face whatever may arise. This is inner peace. No longer a victim, re - acting, they are instead, taking responsibility, because they know, they have a response ability. This is freedom


Believe It

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